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Every carpet is a collection of messages,beliefs and images.Carpets are the conveyors of wishes and feelings.They are works of art which like poetry and paintings are windows to the culture and the people who make them.They are an artistic means of communication.To understand the meaning of a carpet/kilim one must desire to know about its origin and history.It is diffucult to fully understand all patterns since most of them originated (at some unknown time and

place) in history.This does not stop us from enjoying these unexplained patterns as they then become mysterious objects of art that allow your individual interpretation.

Some of the patterns found in the carpets and kilims can be found in nature: flowers,trees and animals.Sometimes these natural forms have been interpreted in a simplified abstract or stylized form.

In order to enjoy a song one does not need to know the lyrics of a song. Each handmade carpet/kilim is an individual creation by an unknown artist who may have worked in a different age yet such works of art can be vividly experienced and appreciated today.

We wish you a joyful introduction to this world of carpets by providing a hint of the beauty and richness you will encounter in our Galeri 44 Mozaik.


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